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ABasketballReport provides basketball tips , predictions and extended basketball stats for leagues and cups, based on last rounds team performances, to help users sort out their picks. Our daily data consists of: Total Game Points and Player Performances.

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Predicting basketball games is a huge business that continues to grow on a daily basis. Our team of experienced tipsters will provide you with the opportunity to refine your picks, by giving you insights on basketball games.

Here you can find extended statistics for all upcoming basketball events. No matter whether it is a single game or a competition, you can find everything require to make an educated pick.

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Points explained

When a team scores in the basket, they receive two points and the ball goes to the other team. Shots scored outside the arch bring three points to the team, whereas a free throw gives one point.

Free throws are awarded to the opposite team when a foul is committed. Fouling a player awards the other team with two or three shots, depending on where the shot was taken. If it beyond the three-point arc, then he receives three shots.

However, other types of fouls accumulate during a half and they’re called “team fouls”. When a certain number is reached, the player receives the opportunity to make a free throw. If he scores, he gets to shoot again, but if he misses, the game continues.

Total points in the game: When predicting total points, you’re looking whether the combined total score is above or below a certain number. It is important to note, that overtime does count for total points in bets.

First half total points: Refers to the result of the match at half time.

Second half total points: Refers to the result of the match for the second half.

Half-time/Full-time: The result of the match for both half time and full-time. Note that overtime does not count for Half-time/Full-time picks.

Total points in quarter: Predict which team will cover the specified point spread for specific quarters. Four Quarters available. Your pick options are Home or Away.

Total points for the team in the game: Predict which team will cover the specified point spread for the match.

Player stats explained

Player total points in the game: The amounts of points scored by a single player in one game.

Player Assists: Amounts of assists made by a single player in one game.

Player Rebounds: Whenever a shot hits the rim, there are four outcomes:

  • If the ball goes out of the bounds, it is counted as a defensive team rebound.
  • An offensive team rebound is when the ball hits a defensive player and goes out of the bounds.
  • If the ball is pulled down by a defensive player, it is counted as a defensive rebound.
  • If the ball is pulled down by an offensive player, it is counted as an offensive rebound.

Player Turnovers: The turnover rate is the percentage of player’s possessions that result in a turnover.

Player Steals: The amount of times a certain players has stolen the ball from an opponent.

Player Blocks: How many times a player blocks a shot.