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There are several ways to advertise on our unique website depending on the type of marketing strategy you use to follow.

Display banners currently offers, but it's not limited to, 2 desktop and 1 mobile ad positions for advertisers illustrated on the pictures below. Ads are global for the whole website with it's subdomains and visible on all pages:

Desktop Positions

(visible only on desktop resolution):
Position 1
Position 2

Mobile Positions

(visible only on mobile resolution):
Position 1

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategy for targeted audience providers. We can place an affiliate link on each row of our predictions area to lead to a specific affiliate provider.


For custom banner proposals, please send email with direct offers including price and period (otherwise they might be left unread because of the load of correspondance with advertisers).
Feel free to contact us for any custom requirements for web ads. Use our contacts for enquiries: support(at)